A trampoline is a device consisting of a piece of taut, strong fabric stretched over a steel frame using many coiled springs.



The fabric that users bounce on, commonly known as the ‘bounce mat’ or ‘trampoline bed’, is not elastic in itself. The elasticity is provided by the springs that connect it to the frame, which store potential energy.

Trampolines were originally used to train astronauts or were used as a training tool for other sports. They soon became popular in their own right and a sport was born.

During World War II, the United States Navy Flight School developed the use of the trampoline in its training of pilots and navigators, giving them concentrated practice in spatial orientation that had not been possible before. After the war, the development of the space flight program again brought the trampoline into use to help train both American and Soviet astronauts, giving them experience of variable body positions in flight.

The first modern trampoline was built by George Nissen and Larry Griswold around 1934 at the University of Iowa. It was initially used to train tumblers and astronauts and as a training tool to develop and hone acrobatic skills for other sports such as diving, gymnastics and freestyle skiing.

George Nissen and Larry Griswold

George Nissen and Larry Griswold

One of the earliest pioneers of trampoline as a competitive sport was Jeff Hennessy, a coach at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Hennessy also coached the United States trampoline team, producing more world champions than any other person. Among his world champions was his daughter, Leigh Hennessy. Both Jeff and Leigh Hennessy are in the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

The competitive gymnastic sport of trampolining has been part of the Olympic Games since 2000. On a modern competitive trampoline, a skilled athlete can bounce to a height of up to 10 meters, performing multiple somersaults and twists. Trampolines also feature in the competitive sport of Slam ball, a variant of basketball, and Baseball, a variant of volleyball.

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